The 1010 express leaves London on 18th Dec bound for China with a container of British wellness, beauty and fitness consumer goods. Why are brands like Waitrose participating in this train based cross border ecommerce initiative? 3 reasons:

1. Well, it costs the brand less than £0.20 a kilo (20p for a bottle of shampoo) to transfer their stock to a fulfilment centre in China. Once it arrives in China the stock is instantly ready for online orders and can be delivered to the shopper almost anywhere in China for around £1.50. It’s almost the same cost as delivering to a shopper in the UK.

2. Import Duty is only 9.1% and only paid when a shopper buys. As the brand owner you receive payment in GBP from the shopper 28 days from the month end, so good for cash flow.

3. A really important advantage is that the stock does not need to be tested on animals and, if organic, does not need the special level of approvals and certification required for other forms of export. Furthermore, the stock packaging does not need any stickers in Chinese added, so much less hassle all around.

Note: Stock transfer from London to the China FC takes around 3 weeks.

Any questions? drop me a note.