WHAT IS 1010?

We are 1010, a global community of mostly native Chinese speakers endlessly unearthing natural ingredients based products that,  may not always be so famous, but do genuinely give us a lift in the way we look or feel without depending on artificial junk.


If one of our community members likes a product they post their enthusiasm and feelings online, marking the post with our secret hashtag #1010 or #1010  – a play on words in Chinese meaning “ you should try this”.  And, hopefully, with each post the world becomes a better place.

We start our adventure on10th Oct 2020 and will be exploring the whole of Great Britain for 4 seasons to uncover some of the finest products in the land.

Come with us by following and contributing to our official social media accounts on Little Red Book, Wechat and Weibo.

The reason we believe we can do what we are setting out to do is simply because behind 1010 is the infrastructure of one of the world’s biggest online exporters of air-shipped consumer goods to Mainland China, Avenue51.  

Over the last six years Avenue51 has enabled more than 10 million shopper in China and Chinese expats in Britain to buy and receive some of the finest products available in the Britain.

Avenue51 has also been at the forefront of sending out products to shoppers in China and Chinese expat communities in the UK to review and post about on social media. The impact of the this on some of the brands managed by Avenue51 such as ThisWorks and Waitrose has been nothing short of sensational and triggered the idea for 1010.